A Sort Of Homecoming

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23 June 2008

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
A Sort Of Homecoming (Original Mix) Paul Keeley 126 C minor 7:31
A Sort Of Homecoming (Michael Cassette Remix) Paul Keeley 126[1] G minor 7:24
A Sort Of Homecoming (King Roc Remix) Paul Keeley 126 F major 7:58
A Sort Of Homecoming (Armine Edge Remix) Paul Keeley 128 C minor 9:52
A Sort Of Homecoming (Jaytech Saturday Mix) Paul Keeley 126 A major 7:26
A Sort Of Homecoming (Jaytech Sunday Mix) Paul Keeley 126 C minor 7:33

According to the[2] synopsis, the OM is 'poignantly entitled'. Definitions[3] of 'poignant' include:

  1. (obsolete, of a weapon etc) Sharp-pointed; keen.
  2. Incisive; penetrating.
  3. His comments were poignant & witty.
  4. Neat; eloquent; applicable; relevant.
  5. Evoking strong mental sensation, to the point of distress; emotionally moving.
  6. (figuratively, of a taste or smell) Piquant, pungent.
  7. (figuratively, of a look, or of words) Piercing.
  8. (dated, mostly British) Inducing sharp physical pain.

I can corroborate that reminding us of (& leeching from) U2 is accurate to definitions 5 & 8 especially- it is painful.
It continues:
King Roc gives ‘Homecoming’ the European house treatment, complete with some warm drifting synths that will get the heads nodding all the way from Barcelona to Rimini. Which is from Spain to Italy. Very large area indeed.

A Sort Of Homecoming (Original Mix)

This debut lowers expectations from the title, to the end. The simple tune is definitely unoriginal, & not even tolerable. The mining industry needs to watch out for this bar he set.
Unfortunately, this was remixed extensively, despite his later, better songs' dearth.

A Sort Of Homecoming (Michael Cassette Remix)

Michael Cassette, following up Shadows Movement / Fox & A Shooting Star, issued this Volume 6 shoo-in, an interminably sentimental, & completely original mix. The emotion brands the soul; a purple-hot cauterant. Caustic.

A Sort Of[4] Homecoming (King Roc Remix)

Before he died, this is what he did. Did he have any concept of things still having an effect after your death? It's fit for a cockroach.
This Tartarus import from an infernal inmate bleeds failure, alcohol, & indolence. The recrement is still poignant #6 after all these years.


21 July 2008

A Sort Of Homecoming (Armine Edge Remix)

This duo or whatever might have sunk lower than KR: at least he didn't care about the OM enough to link it back in any way. AE simply extended the OM by two minutes, which is legal somehow.
There is slightly more to Armenia than this & the Kardashians.[5]

A Sort Of Homecoming (Jaytech Saturday Mix)

Jaytech, after releasing the monumental Groove Nova, ostensibly heard something in this he enjoyed. Whatever it was, it was so nice, that he reworked it twice. This first time, he Jaytechified it. That's all. There's no originality, just a conversion. Still excrement.

A Sort Of Homecoming (Jaytech Sunday Mix)

With this mix, the poison hits you early. Lethal injections shouldn't be faster, just not extant.