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8 June 2010

Mix Act
Abandoned (Original Mix) PROFF
Albina (Original Mix) PROFF
Tell (Original Mix) PROFF

Was he here for only four EPs? It feels so much longer from the place he holds in my mind. Here's his third.

Abandoned (Original Mix)

Some of his songs are worthless, but there's a nugget in every clump. His 2010 offering continued that: Abandoned sparked the fuse from lightyears away with psychomimetic abandon, nearly waking corpses with every opalescing circumfulge Ershov throws at us. The piano, beatudinous as always, cynically plinks upon an onyx threne, the toppest of Vlad's listenables.

Albina (Original Mix)

Fuse dampener Albina has all the fructescence the name implies. Enervation follows accursedness, with stagnophilous pads, topped off with a bit of coprolalia. Altogether, enteropathic.

Tell (Original Mix)

But he closed in form anyway: ᑸᖉᓆӺГ ῲ௦ὔᒷ₫ᾗ'ẗ lӚt us down like that. Tell is his most ufonic, euphonic alienage, rocketing further than Voyager, each alienised moment emicating to perfection.
The deep PROFF bassline has all the umbrifery we came to expect & demand- twisted up in another gish wallop with Tethyan piano & aposematic superlimicity, the frenetic dirge frantically luxuriates in a flurrious ultranova pop of passion, frequencies higher than the Sun's. Ershov was harder than ershovite with this transtellar Promethean EP.