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Left to right: Jono, Tony, Paavo.

Above & Beyond is a trio: Paavo Siljamaki, Tony McGuinness, & Jono Grant. These millionaires own Anjunabeats.
Associated acts, include Nitromethane, Free State, Dirt Devil, Aalto, Anjunabeats (Paavo & Jono), OceanLab, Tranquility Base, & P.O.S..

Album Year
Tri-State 2006
Sirens Of The Sea 2008
Group Therapy 2011
Acoustic 2014
We Are All We Need 2015
Acoustic II 2016
Common Ground 2018
EPs as Above & Beyond
Designation EP Year Collaborator
ANJ009 Far From In Love 2002
ANJ010 Far From In Love (Remixes) 2003
ANJ029 No One On Earth 2004
ANJ036 No One On Earth (The Remixes) 2004
ANJ049 Air For Life 2005 Andy Moor
ANJ059 Alone Tonight 2006
ANJ062 Can't Sleep 2006
ANJ077 Good For Me 2007
ANJ080 Tri-State Remixes 2007
ANJ094 Home 2007
ANJ138 Anjunabeach 2010
ANJ167 Anphonic 2010 Kyau & Albert
ANJ176 Thing Called Love 2011
ANJ179 On A Good Day (Metropolis) 2010 Gareth Emery
ANJ196 Sun & Moon 2011
ANJ213 You Got To Go 2011
ANJ218 Sea Lo Que Sea Sera 2011
ANJ221 Formula Rossa 2011
ANJ227 Every Little Beat 2012
ANJ☭♫⚠ Prelude 2012
ANJ231 Love Is Not Enough 2012
ANJ247 On My Way To Heaven 2012
ANJ258 Alchemy 2012
ANJ270 Black Room Boy 2013
ANJ278 Walter White 2013
ANJ296 Mariana Trench 2013
ANJ300 Hello 2014
ANJ303 You Got To Believe 2014 Arty
ANJ305 Sticky Fingers 2014
ANJ317 Blue Sky Action 2014
ANJ320 We're All We Need 2014
ANJ325 All Over The World 2015
ANJ340 Peace Of Mind 2015
ANJ344 Zero Gravity (Above & Beyond Remix) 2015
ANJ346 Counting Down The Days 2015
ANJ350 Salva Mea 2.0 (Above & Beyond Remix) 2015
ANJ351 Fly To New York 2015
ANJ365 Amsterdam Cairo (Above & Beyond Bootleg) 2015
ANJ372 A.I. 2016
All roads in Anjuna lead to Above & Beyond.
Remixes as Above & Beyond (on Anjunabeats)
Song Act Year
One Night In Tokyo Purple Mood 2007
Day One Smith & Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick 2003
Epic Rusch & Murray 2003
Zero Gravity Jean Michel-Jarre with Tangerine Dream 2015
Salva Mea 2.0 Faithless 2015