Afghanistan / Vietnam

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Oldest vid on AD.


25 February 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Afghanistan (Original Mix) Komytea 122 D minor 8:10
Vietnam (Original Mix) Komytea 126 D major 7:17
Old Vietnam Komytea 125 D major 6:13
Vietnam (Heikki L's Space Odyssey Mix) Komytea 128 D major 8:05

Afghanistan (Original Mix)

Spiking AD 01, if this toxic barrel of hyperflexion doesn't make your head picture swirling fractals, then you're comatose. Listening to this is trying to operate while swimming with entheogens. More idiocentricity than anything else, Afghanistan is an incapacitatingly good time. A good time to experience something stranger than hallucination, out-of-body experiences, & anarcho-primitivism diced & mixed. It's time that psycho-funk exit the tomb, Afghanistan leading the way.

Vietnam (Original Mix)

From the entheogenic to the entheomanic, the Djinn Finns begin their descent into mediocrity. Vietnam, like Afghanistan, is eccentric, but never changes or invigorates. After a while it's rather infuriating. It's the same 4 notes on repeat. There's no need to turn up the volume to make this torture. Just like the real Vietnam was.

Old Vietnam

In a unique case of club mixing becoming an 'original mix', the only difference between this & New Vietnam is stylistic. It's still in the misfortunate shape it was before. Just like the real Vietnam.

Vietnam (Heikki L's Space Odyssey Mix)

The first & penultimate appearance of Heikki L was well merited. Against the psychomimetism of the OM, an original shadow of a tune is cast: a nuclear blast shadow (as in Las Vegas). & as with those shadows, they are not substantive, but mere indicators of emptiness. The tune in this mix (& this is the only mix of Vietnam with tune) lasts all the way from 3:30 to 3:46, & that's a generous approximation. Those 16 seconds are worth it despite the minutes of eventlessness even emptier than the OM, because of the severe tenebrosity.