Air For Life

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Award-winning, remember.


18[1] July 2005

Click here for the execrable remixes.

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Air For Life (Original Mix) Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor 132 G# minor 8:04
Air For Life (Airwave Remix) Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor 132 G# minor 7:51

The first single from the first Anjunabeats album, Above & Beyond's debut album, Tri-State, is this, a collaboration with Andy Moor. With vocals from Moor's good friend Carrie Skipper, who in gemination are Luminary, this won A State Of Trance[2] Tune of the Year 2005, & Best Underground Dance[3] Track in the 2006 Miami Winter Music Conference. They chose acceptably.

Air For Life (Original Mix)

Is this the best song of 2005? It had excreta such as Getting Away & Eighties, though those were dwarfed by gems such as Gravity, Sequential, Alt+F4, Desert Eagle, & Resolution. So no.
Was it a mistake? Yes, though approximately quite negligible. Nothing gargantuan.
Let's see those statistics. From ASOT:

'Number Of Confirmed Valid Votes: 3934. Statement: This list is a true & accurate reflection of all votes & purely based on listener’s votes. Each listener that submitted his or her votes, selected his personal top 5 of 2005 of tracks, as played in one of the shows in 2005. All votes were checked on possible fraud. Armin nor Armada had anything to do with the points awarded.'

These Glorious Votes
Song Act # of Votes
Air For Life Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor 1780
Shivers Armin van Buuren 1589
Zocalo Gabriel & Dresden with Armin van Buuren 1237

Anyway, the single is half a minute longer than the album mix. Invariance otherwise.
Air For Life has nice stretches of electrotrash, interspersed with a brumal tune worthy of almost all the acclaim. In the climax, the electrotrash participates in making this more than salient.
Skipper contributes her most in her vocalisations. This is progressive trance at a supernal level. Thankfully, it has some remixes.

Air For Life (Airwave Remix)

Wisely included in Volume 3 & at least one version of Tri-State Remixed, this opens with a sun-drained rework of the OM (by lowering the last part). A reminder of the OM takes us to the climax, a palatable bedarkening that the OM merits.

Air For Life (Mirco de Govia Remix)

The OM is overlaid with more caliginous dolour. Nearly pointless, this is an appreciated listening experience. There are better ways to spend eight minutes, however. Such as the OM.
This is great compilation material. The end of the cycle in this is foreboding.