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1 June 2010

Mix Act
Aircraft (Original Mix) Dinka

It's by Maxi Jazz, Rollo & Sister Bliss, aka Faithless. Yes, I'm more confused than you.
Could this be the work of wandals?[1] Either way, Aircraft is pavonine witchcraft. The obscenely coruscant retrofunk indulges platiniferous synths, making this the most conspicuously absent song from any compilation. Through sweet Atlantean, Muan, & Vaikunthan mists, Sierpinski’s pyramids and his sphinx too glimmer hypnotically in amatory eviternity. Yes, Aircraft is the alpha & the omega & all the others too, plus ԃ, ج, ঘ, ௧, ఉ, ฅ, ໜ, & ᘘ.