Alba (Maor Levi Remix)

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Best of 2012.


30 April 2012


Click here for the original mix.

Mix Artist BPM Key Duration
Alba (Maor Levi Remix) Super8 129 C minor 7:12

This deliverance is a miracle, more or less. Someone remixed a song that was eight years old at that point. That should not be rare.
Maor Levi's remix is in the same virtuosic, unique style that he used for his remix of 'Slow To Learn', 'Follow You', & 'Hold On' by Ignas.
Maor Levi is a seraph. From the first second, this mix electrifies. The electrotrash is beyond exhilaration itself. & it keeps escalating!
The haunting, eccentric instrument iterating so alternatively in the OM was put to mastodonic use.
The tune of this bears some relation to the OM. This satisfies every criterion for 'best remix ever':

  • Completely original, yet clearly a remix of the OM
  • Gives a new perspective on the OM
  • The tune is thaumaturgically electrifying.

The comparison between this & the OM is astounding. At first, it may seem completely unrelated. However, this is delightfully heard from another angle.
The tune is maximally graphic. The power of this tune dwarfs the power of the Sun.[1]
There are no flaws or such with this, the most laudable remix.