Alba / Dawn

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24 May 2004[1]

Clcik here for Maor Levi's remix of Alba.


Song Act Key BPM Duration
Alba (Original Mix)[2] Super8 C minor 138 8:49
Dawn (Original Mix) Super8 G minor 136 8:23

The arrival of a colossus. Truly befitting of an ultragiant such as Miika Eloranta, this two-tracker is insuperably priceless.
By the way, 'Alba' is one of the old names for Scotland. 'Albania' is another. In fact, 'alba' in English means:

  • A type of poetry about lovers who must part at dawn[3]
  • Two specific kinds of flower[4]

& it means 'dawn' in these languages: Asturian, Catalan, Spanish, Istriot, Italian, & Romanian. Yes, that's right! In a stunning act that has not been seen much, this EP title is an example of Schesis onomaton, where words that have the same or a very similar meaning are repeated.[5] It's opposite to antithesis, in this way. A rhetorical tautology.

Alba (Original Mix)

Even today, this is an elephantine exemplar: (near) nine minutes long; creative; euphonous. This stupefying achievement is alternative, & has ample guitar usage, & emotive vocal samples rounding off bars. & Alba has one miraculous remix from Maor Levi made eight years after the release of the OM.

Dawn (Original Mix)

This deserves to be remixed as much as Alba. This has all the qualities of Alba: alternative; creative; euphonic.
The tunes are dolour per se already when the smoothest guitar drop detonates. This EP evinces the mastery of this titan, Miika Eloranta.