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4 April 2003


Title Act Duration BPM
Albinoni (Above & Beyond Remix) Rollerball 6:42 138
Albinoni (Super8 Remix) Rollerball 6:12 140

Classical music is not a bad genre. The most supernal of it all, 'Adagio in G Minor[1]', was remixed on Anjunabeats, as it should have been. Cross-genre remixing is a good idea. I recommend jazz, disco & funk.
The Adagio was made by the best: Tomaso Albinoni, the first Italian to use the oboe, solo, in concerti, & publish it.
From Wikipedia: In 2003, UK Trance trio Above & Beyond, under their Rollerball alias, produced a trance rendition of Adagio In G with additional opera voices & released it as "Albinoni" on their Anjunabeats record label. The OM is heard in the movie 'Rollerball' (1975). That movie (set in 2018) is about a violent sport that replaces warfare & other sport; a ball & rollerskates. Earth is controlled by one gigacorporation. It is modern science fiction at it's most usual: bleak, unimaginative, saturnine, banal, & pessimistic.
I hope they watched at least one version of Rollerball, because it has one excremental remake, released in 2002. Starring LL Cool J & Pink (among others), this is one vitriolic film. I hope that Above & Beyond weren't trying to cash in on this tripe. Not just because the score[2] includes Rob Zombie, Green Day, Hoobastank, & Rob Zombie again.

Albinoni (Above & Beyond Remix)

A & B didn't bring anything new to the table, except the whole trance conversion. There is no more emotion in this than just violins. But it is still wonderful that A & B did this, because it introduces us to Albinoni, & by extension, classical music.

Albinoni (Above & Beyond Opera Mix)

This happens to[3] be from AnjunaDigital: ANJD012. Released in 2004, this is included in Anjunabeats Volume One; it's just their remix with a choral part in the middle.

Albinoni (Super8 Remix)

This is just a slightly faster version. Again, no originality. By the way, this is Super8's debut.