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Alquimia is Spanish for alchemy.


19 November 2012

Mix Act
Alchemy (Original Mix) Above & Beyond
Alchemy (Above & Beyond Club Mix) Above & Beyond
Alchemy (Myon & Shane 54 Redemption Mix) Above & Beyond
Alchemy (Submerse Remix) Above & Beyond
Alchemy (Jody Wisternoff Remix) Above & Beyond

Alchemy (Original Mix)

Group Therapy is their new style & the new style. No more waiting until four minutes in to find out which song this is; now is past time for instant recognition. Alchemy's own electrᓅniḉ bubъling pops in your face every time, the only slick thing on display, or behind the counter. But there is no gun here, smoking or otherwise: not so much alchemical as bland & waterlike, Alchemy is closer to almond paste than black earth. The verse sections are pleasantly dour enough to pass time with, but the shift into the main tune is the elixir of death. Ironically, there's no chemistry here; the climax stirs nothing, & even the vocals are the psilosopher's stone. This bromidic block should not have been given this much attention. & that "to make love where there was none" line should have been saved for somewhere else.

Alchemy (Music Video)

This can be seen in Germany at this link given by the YT vid. The YT vid[1] was given on 28 November 2012, & they put in an unsmooth ad for an event for one month later. Without any idea of longevity, or temporal retainment, A&B consistently ruined their own videos by making them nothing more than shillboards for one-time parties. Are these videos bad enough that they didn't care about making them worse? It's less than a minute in; is that better, or worse? Anyway, the protagonist swims at home, waiting for her husband to show up & apologise. The new couple callously confront, though. Wordlessly, too. At least this story has a something in it that could be thought of as a twist.

Alchemy (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

So they didn't. This is similar to the CM of You Got To Go: it is the OM simplified, & pumped. But YGTG is a diverse soundbow. Alchemy is a splash of stale water. So freezing it won't help. The electrotrash smoothly ropes me in, though. & the OM & OM de luks spin me right out. This exposes the OM even barer: the sound of falling asleep will not be saved by pumping it with caffeinated helium. It must be dropped & forgotten. A mere stadium conversion cannot save my attention, this song, or A&B. The sum of sedatives & dirt is more than the sum of its parts, after all.

Alchemy (Myon & Shane 54 Redemption Mix)

Taking a break from their Summer Of Love trend/making good music, M&S54 made their only "Redemption" mix on AB. Ironic, since they didn't need redemption beforehand, but they did need it afterwards, since we've heard this twice already. A bland blend of conversions can't even be discussed- what can I say about two people who couldn't find a minute to change the slightest iota? Mirrors are more original.

Alchemy (Submerse Remix)

Here to show the regulars how it's done & not dropped into a mulcher, Submerse subverted the OM's drowsy, unpiqued blankness & lived up to his name. Robert Orme had to give his original, & gave it his all. The first minute is Zoe a capella, but his newdom bangs big at 0:45, starting with a tuneless cup of anaesthetic to prepare you for his iron maiden drill. Orme's trench is a whole rainforest: the synth glides in on a honey glacier, then falls away & melts as a heart from the despair & sanctitude of declension, then turns away & ends with an unsatisfying plastic cherry. But it starts again. Sadly, this is the only good mix of Alchemy, & RO wouldn't return.

Alchemy (Jody Wisternoff Remix)

So this came instead. JW couldn't help himself in 2013's AD 05, & this didn't help me either. He just psyched it. As in this is psychedelic. But not the impressive SJK kind, the Kroos lethargic self-insult kind. Yet another lullaby, & even more drained than the rest. It conducts energy worse than sulphur. If you don't have any sleeping pills, grab this instead, but don't fall asleep to the most painful siren song dripped out of AB. It's less reactive than cold mud. He did not stretch himself too thin, because he doesn't sound stretched at all. Even sloths don't get killed by the moss that grows on them.