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11 March 2013

Mix Act Duration
Aldo (Original Mix) Norin & Rad 6:49

'Aldo' is Kampampangan for 'sun', a great title for a blazing duo who were sure to give us cancer & burn up someday. Their stay was justified, though, & not long enough: this elctrotrash is indispensable. Each bellowing, metallic scrape melds with the paperesque horns & the thickly wet drums they way they should, morphing into perfect timing & sliding glossily in wild passion. It's so good, that I had to cut it out & mix it with a different song, because I can't stand what's inbetween, but I can't go on without this either. The middle is where it all breaks down, though. These methdrinkers served up an incessantly repeating whirr of the same four barely-deviating notes, leaving as much impact as jaywalking has on Dahmer's rap sheet, as much as a fly has on a tapeworm's cleanliness, as much as a candle has on a volcano's warmth. Aldo's tune is beneath advertisement jingles. It is below computer-generated. It is beyond human dignity, both to hear, & to manufacture. Each of the four notes & their transitions are hollow & meaningless. None of them are prodded by the last, nor do any of them surprise the previous note. They do not flow into each other in any purposeful or rewarding way. The final of the four notes is lower than the previous one, which is normally where the emotion comes from. However, this venal cecity is only noteworthy in how impressively they try to sell it. The lacklustre, epimethean hydatid masquerading as a tune does not meet the requirements for noteworthy. Despite this, the style tries with all the fury of a Shakespearean actor to portray the tune as a gift from Ra, Vishnu & Allah. Their casually bombastic style never tries to revive the tune, like a paramedic, but rather, it tries to Weekend-at-Bernie's it instead.[1] Perhaps N&R should have tried to nurture the tune instead of letting the weeds overgrow the droughted gardens of their hearts.

  1. ie present it as alive when it is very dead.