Algebra / Simplexity

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27 June 2011

Mix Act
Algebra (Original Mix) Komytea
Simplexity (Original Mix) Komytea

The penultimate Komytea anything wrongly made it into AD 03.


Better music may be found in recordings of the Sun than in this brisk morning walk through the sewers.


Volumes were mostly A-sides, the compilers as invested as the moss on a sloth, no matter how much they hyped it. This one is more interesting, at least. To start, it has a tune, a brief miasma, less of the thunderstorm we want, & more a cloud of gnats digging to get under your skin. This opening 80s theme tune at best does not blend simpleness & complexity, nor does it cross the line into AD land. Simplexity is substandard Komytea smoke, there just to choke on & singe your eyes. No fine incense here; it's barely forlorn, just forgotten, forgone, & formulaic.