All The Way

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26 November 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
All The Way (Original Mix) Mike Koglin & Mark Pledger 136 D minor 7:47
All The Way (Nick Larson Remix) Mike Koglin & Mark Pledger 136 D minor 7:25

Their first collaboration, Ultraviolet, is theopneust atrament. Their final would have been insulting from a computer.

All The Way (Original Mix)

How any human could bear this is astonishing, considering that any computer program that formulated this would have been deemed a failure, & restarted from the ground up.
Pledger's tenure as 'eminent' on Anjunabeats as promulgated in Worldwide was penultimately abrogated by this grotesque disgrace, not that Pledger had any dignity to begin with. He still had one artistic horror to plough through, in his Hardwick collaboration.
This song seems like a horribly executed joke that was never going to be funny no matter how smooth the delivery. It isn't emotional or lively or ever substantial. It's just a slightly fuscous atmosphere. Nothing happens in this.

All The Way (Nick Larson Remix)

Niko[1] Kuhn debuts & exits with superb distaste. His tenth most popular mix[2] at the time of writing has the OM copied & sandwiched between trash. Good riddance, louse.