Alone Tonight

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Who cares what the durations are.


6 March 2006

Mix Act
Alone Tonight (Original Mix) Above & Beyond
Alone Tonight (Ronski Speed Remix) Above & Beyond
Alone Tonight (Matthew Dekay Remix) Above & Beyond
Alone Tonight (Above & Beyond Club Mix) Above & Beyond

This is not just the gem of Above & Beyond, nor Anjunabeats. This is the paramount achievement of Earth.

Alone Tonight (Original Mix)

Not enough flowering plants have ever lived to be appropriate to shovel onto this. This apogee of humankind demonstrates all of the best of what we can be. Wonders beyond freezing light & interstellar travel abound in this.
Alone Tonight, as with All Over The World & Sun & Moon, has an extended once-per-album seraphic lamentation.
The vocals are used stabbingly beautifully at all times.

Alone Tonight (Ronski Speed Remix)

This insipient remix is nothing more than a simple restructuring of the tune. No, the piano does not obscure langourousness. Ronski's second remixing of Above & Beyond went much better.

Alone Tonight (Matthew Dekay Remix)

DK, believing that he can do better than Above & Beyond, decided to ignore the OM entirely & play his own excreta ad nauseam. His unrelenting pride in his own imaginary talent merits avoiding him forever. So of course, this was included in the Tri-State Remixes.

Alone Tonight (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

This is nothing more than a conversion from an album mix to orthodox trance.

Alone Tonight (Above & Beyond Nasty Dub)

How great can a dub mix of this be? Well, this is dross.

Alone Tonight (Disciples[1] Of Sound & Kid Lopez Remix)

Tracking down obscure remixes really is not worth it, it seems. Well, I intend to be thorough.
& the examination of excrement continues: this piano-driven rework collapses in it's mediocrity.