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9 November 2010

Mix Act BPM Duration
Alquimia (Original Mix) Parker & Hanson 131 8:52
Alquimia (Andrew Bayer Remix) Parker & Hanson 128 10:23

This rare sighting of a Panson in the wild opened Vol 8.

Alquimia (Original Mix)

Harker got to do that because A & B like to open Volumes with oddities. Galician for 'alchemy', Alquimia fits that description well. We stumble upon a few ships on this nine minute Namib trek, but even that wouldn't be dry enough. One minute in, we hear Panker's pretaste, which is also the whole taste. Alquimia is six experiments with what you can do with minimalist trance pads, intercut with a repetitive, me-worthy pseudotune with all the depth of a water molecule. The most interesting thing about it is the name. The clockmasters weren't seen often, & this is a reason why.

Alquimia (Andrew Bayer Remix)

Back to melodies, we have the six hundred second saviour, Bayer himself to greet the newcomers (& goers. & comers. & goers). He began by inspiring Maor Levi's Won't Say No / Life Inside A Cube, & overlaying that with susurrations & serrations. Deftly ignoring Hanser's mistake (Alquimia), Bayer found divine inspiration, within himself, as always. This begins with his hemitune, acoustical, incandescent spices, a direct retort to Harson's supposed full tune. Pregustating flair erupts after every bar to dampen the air; this way you won't care if you get wet.
Déjà new interfuses with silkened light in Bayer's Vantablack forest. Thankfully for AD 04, he didn't miss the forest for the trees, nor the trees for their union.
In the last half, we get the full intro & exploration of the tune, an ocean surface of black ice with holes straight to the immediate psychrosphere. The pleochroic invite & climax show off the tune's range, from absorbing all of the light, to very dark. A recondite OM from a recomdite original man.