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17 January 2005

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Alt + F4 (Original Mix) Alt+F4 138 B minor 8:26
Alt + F4 (Matthew Adams Introspective Mix) Alt+F4 136 B minor 8:29

Alt + F4 is a duo comprised of Joonas Hahmo & Matti Kotala.

Alt + F4 (Original Mix)

You'll want to press those after the first several minutes, thanks to the summary of uplifting trance & its hebetude. The platinum lining is the scintillae of tripped light outbursting into sugary exaltion. This worthwhile copoiesis makes the whole song a verified classic, while being weaker than the sum of its parts, which it could do without.

Alt + F4 (Matthew Adams Introspective Mix)

Not satisfied with copypasting, Adams gave us a subpar copy & paste affair. The only nonhorrendous thing from the OM, the scintillae, have been replaced with piano smatterings. Avoid this. It won't be difficult to.

Alt+F4 (Dan Stone Remix)

Six years on, what did it mean to us? Clearly not much, since they gave it to Dan Stone. As expected, this scatolagnic killed out the one good thing like it was his sorry parents, & blendered the rest, because it wasn't vague & recrementitial enough. This amphotrope didn't have much time left, so that's comforting.