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Out with a twang.


20 September 2010

Mix Act Duration
Altara (Original Mix) Adam Nickey 8:50
Altara (Sunny Lax Remix) Adam Nickey 7:44
Voices (Original Mix) Adam Nickey 7:45

Altara took two minutes to end. Nickey took years.

Altara (Original Mix)

& over three minutes to begin; but I'm glad that this was made. Nickey's final wan song moderately warms. Like his compatriot & collaborator N2O, he used an electric percurrent. The razoring didn't help this lambent ember, though; all of Pretkiewicz's influence couldn't have saved Altara. The best part is the acoustical strings, which Levente angelised.

Altara (Sunny Lax Remix)

I really struggled to not mention Marton while writing that. I succeeded three times, then quit, because this is what shold have graced Vol 8 & the annals of history.
It's so obvious after you hear it. Wichary should have done this. Altara is made up of slightly rubescent, flickering twangs, & a monochrome tune propped by appendical bass. SL heard that & had an idea. A smile crept over his face as he tweaked the OM & added his own brand of euphony.
Marton draped an original slew of tethyan chords over Altara, & sucked the light out of its beat. It takes some (editable) time to get to the tuneful climax, which Great Red Spots down on the emicant, boiling ocean of astatine that is Lax's own creation.


This CM of Altara did exactly what Wichary set out to do: waste our time. Perhaps you wanted it more finely staccatised? Even pointlesser? Even less of a reason to live? At least Marton gave us eighteen thousand.