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10 minutes of pleasure, then something that you wish you could forget. & you probably will.


5 November 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Amnesia (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide 138 C# minor 10:20
Amnesia (Vardran Remix) Nitrous Oxide 130 C# major 7:16

Nitrous Oxide's third release continued to prove his illimitable worth.

Amnesia (Original Mix)

The meteoric tune soars, powered by the piano & the underlying electrotrash. This is a true classic, meriting the inclusion in Classics 01 & Volume 5. The playful, lugubrious piano thrills, the energy is sensational, the duration (ten minutes) is ideal: this song is amaranthinely paragonal.
Nitrous Oxide also thankfully made a chill out mix, found in his album. Unfortunately, there is only one more remix.

Amnesia (Vardran Remix)

& it is trash, followed by one minute of the OM slightly more electronic, & then four minutes of trash. More effort was put into designing the Washington Monument. At least that has an interior- this is a reason to either wear boots, or watch where you step.
Vardran never appeared again after this. His Boeotian record of Are You Fine? & Lightform caught up to him. Another pleasing obituary.