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6 February 2006

Mix Act BPM Duration
Amsterdam (Original Mix) Luminary 138 6:52
Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix) Luminary 138 7:46

This is a historical EP. Not because it's a milestone, or because it was germinal. Its significance is in its revisitation. The (four) mixes of Amsterdam by Luminary have been repackaged & redisplayed many years after the release, even in inordinately ill-fitting ways, all because of the Dutchness. Anjunabeats has released Amsterdam compilations since 2014. Since they don't have songs about Miami or Ibiza, & don't have compilations specific to Capetown, Perth, Cairo, LA, or New York, this is unique. (Except for London.)

Amsterdam (Original Mix)

Luminary is a duo: Ashley Tomberlin & Arksun. This is their sole release on Anjunabeats. Thankfully, it is memorable. Is it more memorable than others from 2006, such as Get Off, Won't Sleep Tonight, M.I.R.A., or Ultraviolet? No. This has been brought back solitarily because of the name.
This seven minute serenade to Amsterdam is not[1] a '(music) an instrumental composition in several movements.' Every minute is the pastage of the last copy. There is no climax. This has no tune.
This is not recommendable.

Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix)

Fortunately, this has a tune. It is also fortunate that this is included in Volume Four.
This mix befits global trance central: an asperously fuliginous & original remix, this also suitsSmith & Pledger. The electrotrash also serves some tunefulness.

Amsterdam (Maor Levi Remix)

This is not included in the table because it was released[2] on AnjunaDigital. Designated ANJD-055C, this 9 minute masterpiece from 2006 is as chill as Kamchatka. High-pitched synth rolls around; early on, the tenebrous overarching tune erupts.

Amsterdam (Super8 & Tab Remix)

This is classic Anjunabeats, trance, & Super8 & Tab in one adequate remix. The sentiment will blow you away, if you weigh as much as a paperclip.

Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Update)

This is drastically pathetic: this 2017 release from ABGT 200 & Volume 13 is Kate 2015 levels of sloth & opprobrium. It isn't even a full update; it's not made from scratch- it's a 'blend' of old & new- it's just the old, but with more modern effects occasionally added. How wretched.