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Andrew Bayer is Neoyorkian.[1]


He was a shadow member of Above & Beyond since 2012. He was half of The Signalrunners with Alan Nimmo, & a third of Artificial with Norin & Rad. His favourite film is clearly Blade Runner, & his favourite book is Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick.


List of Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?/Blade Runner References

Album Discography
Album Year
It's Artificial 2011
If It Were You, We'd Never Leave 2013
In My Past Life 2018
Anjunadeep Discography
Designation EP Year Collaborator
ANJDEE057 To The Six 2009 Boom Jinx
ANJDEE071 By All Means / So It Goes 2010 Boom Jinx
ANJDEE083 The Taxi Driver 2010
ANJDEE084 Keyboard Cowboys 2010 Boom Jinx
ANJDEE087 Fracture 2010 Boom Jinx
ANJDEE092 Quadcore 2010 Boom Jinx, Trifonic & Matt Lange
ANJDEE096 Distractions EP 2011
ANJDEE143 You / Community / Brick 2012
ANJDEE162 Gaff's Eulogy 2012
Anjunabeats Discography
Designation EP Year Collaborator
ANJ209 Counting The Points 2011
ANJ214 From The Earth 2011
ANJ233 In & Out Of Phase 2012 Matt Lange
ANJ237 Keep Your Secrets 2012
ANJ252 Monolith / Polylith 2012
ANJ273 Lose Sight 2013
ANJ290 Need Your Love 2013
ANJ291 Once Lydian 2014
ANJ293 Perth / Mirth Mobile 2013
ANJ310 Bullet Catch 2014
ANJ314 The District 2014
Song Act Year Collaborator
Secret OceanLab 2009
Alquimia Parker & Hanson 2010
Rift Matt Lange 2011
Thing Called Love Above & Beyond 2011
Take Me Away Full Tilt 2012 James Grant
It's Cool The Presets 2012 James Grant
No Gravity Paronator 2012 James Grant
Sorry Kaskade 2012
Prelude Above & Beyond 2012 James Grant