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Anna Sáfrányos (nee Anna Mielniczuk) is from Poland. On Anjunabeats, she worked with Nitrous Oxide & Sunny Lax.

My 2015 interaction with her[1]

From the YT video of 'Everything's A Lie':

Part 1, with my details redacted
Part 2, she said my name
Highlights from a 2013 interview[2]

"I have had lot of such moments in my life. For example, when I was a teenager I took part in casting for a reality television singing competition, but I was rejected in the first round.
I’ve always thought that my real name was not unique enough for an artist. I came up with the Aneym alias when I was a little girl. It’s a combination of my first name and surname AnnieM, pronounced as Enim."
Which track has been your biggest success until now, and what do you remember most from the production process?
Aneym: I would choose two songs; ‘Follow You’ and ‘Far Away’ made with Nitrous Oxide. We worked really hard to achieve the satisfying results. I remember one particular night when I wrote ‘Follow You’; I did my evening prayer asking the Holy Sprit to bless me with his wisdom. I was struggling with the lack of inspiration at that time. I went to bed and out of the blue I had lot of thoughts, ideas and expressions along with a vocal melody ready to be written. Everyone around me was sleeping when I was experiencing a miracle. It was an unforgettable feeling. It was like a daydreaming. Next morning, after 2 hours of sleep, I wrote almost the whole song!
Regarding ‘Far Away’; I will always remember co-writing with Justine Suissa, countless recordings and corrections, and the beginning of a friendship with Nitrous Oxide.
Thank you! Fans write me that they relate to my lyrics. It’s so rewarding and priceless. I remember one message from a supporter informing me that he proposed to his girlfriend while listening to ‘Far Away’. I was over the moon.


Yes, I do believe in God. I’m a Catholic. God is in the first place in my life. I owe Him everything. He inspires and guides me through. I feel His presence and grace every single day. In my songs I often write about God, faith. I have experienced a lot of miracles in my life. I think being an artist, being able to write, sing and perform is a miracle.