Anjunabeats Volume 10 Sampler pt. 1

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18 February 2013

Mix Act Duration
Sanity Dub (Exclusive Volume 10 Mix) Ronski Speed 7:31
Only Totally (Original Mix) Bart Claessen & Raz Nitzan 5:55
Pressure (Original Mix) Oliver Smith 7:01

Sanity Dub (Exclusive Volume 10 Mix)

What makes this mix 'Exclusive' cannot be explained. Of all the songs from Kyau & Albert's label 'Euphonic' to broadcast, this was not the one to share. Nothing changed from Euphonic to AB. This had no place in Vol 10, not even the unforgettable, Ohmful electrotrash that could electrify a house. The tune itself is a happy Merry Melodies style ditty intended for film scores and jewellery boxes, not soulracking expeditions to human limits. The frisky piano is a lighter-than-air sinking machine, but that gasp of air when I asked for cake is even less interesting compared to the faint, washed out backing synth, which if it were the foreground instead, would be a carbon copy of a much better song I can't remember, but since it still wouldn't be good, I don't care.
Sanity Dub (Common Volume 10 Mix) is palatable fluff, & although it doesn't wreck the ears, it won't please them either. Don't skip this. Delete it.

Only Totally (Original Mix)

This rounds off not only the Volume, but Clässen's career. After this final AB release, it would be just simple mechanotrash on other labels from here on out. Returning after two years to give us this was not needed, and never justified. It's no wonder that they left this till last: Only Totally is by far the worst track of the entire bunch. 2013 is a little duller now that this is a part of it. Even Raz Nitzan couldn't save him: OT is six minutes of drawling, crunchy, slowly spiralling ataractics, a sandwich with no filling, a song with no tune. Oh, they try to make a tune, as hard as mosquitoes try to not spread death. Malaria can cause muscle spasms so bad, you bite your own tongue off. C & N can reach that without even straining, without sweating to bring us the worst AB has to offer. OT alternates between swirling synths that rise to the level of sound, and robo-trash fit for a construction site. Is this the worst of 2013? Just completely.

Pressure (Original Mix)

His best song of 2013 is a dead, hollow tree with a smiley face scratched into it. There's no mummified victim inside it, though, because that would be interesting, & we can't have that. The electrotrash is subdued, but still memorialisable, for the chilled yet demoniac, electrohouse funk that it is. Awful tunes paired with eternal electrotrash seems to recur. Anyway, Pressure is a pristine example of how effort in one area of music cannot ever make up for dead laziness in another area. If you fail at a dish, you can cover it with sauce to mask the flavour, or pretend you intended to make sushi all along. But in music, there is no substitute for tune. His has two parts:
The first is the base, a fifteen-second loop that uses every fake-excitement trick in the book to fool us into energy: a delayed hit, a synth glorified-on-high, and worst of all, the most shameful thing on his record, perhaps as bad a Butterfly Effect: after the first three sections of the tune go nowhere & lead to nothing, the final quarter becomes: a desperate grab for a thrill, a cheap & weightless show, a mock ersatz phony imitation counterfeit, a note so high that it demands rapturous heart-beats, but receives none. This sham tune is a disgraceful blight on his career & on all of AB; this shortcut-taking, easy-path taking corruption should never happen again.
The second part is the piano. It does as much as the base does; ie nothing.