Anjunabeats Volume 8 Sampler

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Part 1. Of 1.


7 June 2010

Mix Act
Alt+F4 (Dan Stone Remix) Alt+F4
Larry Mountains 54 (Juventa Remix) David West

All both of them.

Alt+F4 (Dan Stone Remix)

Six years on, what did it mean to us? Clearly not much, since they gave it to Dan Stone. As expected, this scatolagnic killed out the one good thing like it was his sorry parents, & blendered the rest, because it wasn't vague & recrementitial enough. This amphotrope didn't have much time left, so that's comforting.

Larry Mountains 54 (Juventa Remix)

Jordin Post's sadly sole Anjuna sounds exactly like what DW tried to say with the original, & so it has a bonus astral original tune. Without distracting from the OM, Juventa fluidised & finally gave us a pantagruelian, pathopoeic pandemonium. After the mostly held back, middling restraints, Post made an unbound, satisfying burnination. 2011 was a good year.