Anjunabeats Volume 9 Sampler

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13 November 2011

Mix Act
Higher State (Original Mix) Genix
On Our Own (Original Mix) Maor Levi & ilan Bluestone
Catch The Eye (Original Mix) Cramp
Contrast (Original Mix) Sunny Lax

See here for Contrast.

Higher State

This kind of naming is pretentious; even the best song needs humility. But this is the greatest asyndesis ever, so we'll go with it. After Damion's sleepiest electrocash, we move to what is indeed the highest state, a simplisticated, internal hyperdrome that should have been the climax. But instead of this transgalactic paragnosis, we get a feeling of rancid mortification from this subhumanation, making the twist the most painful plunge into banal.

On Our Own

2011. The debut of ilan Bluestone. ML took him under his fighter-plane wing until he could leave the nest. OOO is mid-period ML & early iB for a reason: some of iB's moves came from Kenobi, most notably the long, exponential slope up... to the kassshhh. Their first elẻkṭrỗbasḫ leads on from Maor's Slow To Learn, & is ahead of iB's prog trance Capetown & Namaste, since from the lead-up to the lead-up, to the metallic scrapes & peals. Sliding into the tune intro is almost second-for-second STL, but this twinkling is also revving.
Wollstonecraftian piano welcomes in the Congolese haunting of the blistering synth, blade gunner intensity burning through the heart. Sabering through Burringurrah,[1] the climax starts tunelessly, mindlessly repeating the intro, before snapping back into respectability with the briefest tune spell ever. Even the tune reminder is just a small acknowledgement of what music is meant to be. OOO is the number to call after hearing this.

Catch The Eye[2]

Ilnaz's penultimatum showed how wrong it was to cut himself off. His album has a few rewards, but CTE was his finest AB hour. Even this electrotrash is undisrememberable: his barrage, fun ab initio, even straightens up & retunes itself, smoothening the battering wham.
The main tune is everything right with IT. Every beat, pushing hard, leaves a mark of psychoradioactive, immemorial indelibleness; the tears flow faster than LSD can; & the psychoses are out in full category-five thousand force. & just in case you confused him for another psychotrope, the final piece of the tune reverts to unassuming piano. Why'd he have to depart?