Anjunabeats Volume One

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13 October 2003[1]

Position Mix Act
1 What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond Club Mix) Madonna
2 Far From In Love (Original Mix) Above & Beyond
3 Razorfish (Above & Beyond Progressive Mix) Tranquility Base
4 Rush (Super8 vs. Orkidea Mix) Aalto
5 Epic (Above & Beyond Remix) Rusch & Murray
6 Albinoni (Above & Beyond Opera Mix) Rollerball
7 Remember (Summer Sun) (Original Mix) P.O.S
8 Volume One (Anjuna Deep Mix) Anjunabeats
9 Sky Falls Down (Armin Van Buuren Remix) OceanLab
10 Time To Die (Seraque Remix) Nitromethane
11 M (Above & Beyond Typhoon Dub) Ayu
12 Day One (Above & Beyond Big Room Remix) Smith & Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick
13 Beautiful Together (Signum Remix) OceanLab

You may have noticed that every mix in this relates to Above & Beyond in some way. Generally, all are either a song by Above & Beyond, a remix of something by Above & Beyond, or an Above & Beyond Remix. Was their remix of Epic better than Mobetta? (Sarcasm)
Did you see Oliver Smith's inclusion? It's the penultimate track.
All of these are edits anyway, so this is not worth buying.

Bonus Mixes

What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

This was made long before 2003. This is a banal mess. Don't bother with it. Above & Beyond have made several good remixes. This is not one of them.

M (Above & Beyond Typhoon Dub)

This is amicable, at best. They remixed a good song, which helped. This may be a trance conversion. Either way, Remo-con's remix is supernal.