Anjunabeats Worldwide 01

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Anjunabeats Worldwide 01
Released 30 October 2006
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Anjunabeats Worldwide 01
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Subtitled Mixed by Super8 & Tab & Mark Pledger, this starter sure realised who was who. S8 & T did the next Worldwide, while Pledger was off in cloud-cuckoo-shire. Pledger really was a great choice; I mean he immediately left & vanished, so what a tremendous choice.
Meanwhile, Smith still hasn't had one, as haven't Bayer, & Marton.
WW1, unlike the older Volumes, contains tracks from other labels, a common theme of the older Worldwides.
Vardran appears twice. Disgusting.

Track listing

1."Black is The Colour (Coco & Green Remix)"Cara Dillon5:18
3."Year Zero"Andy Moor & Orkidea6:23
4."Needs To Feel (Worldwide Mix)"Super8 & Tab7:56
5."World On Fire (Worldwide Club Mix)"Above & Beyond5:53
6."Child"Daniel Kandi5:37
7."Make U Mine (Mike Shiver's Garden State Mix)"David West4:42
8."Won't Sleep Tonight"Super8 & Tab6:20
9."Belmondo (Hammer & Funabashi Remix)"Cats & Sieja2:35
10."Sadistick"Stephen J Kroos4:12
11."Are You Fine? (Vardran Remix)"Kyau & Albert6:30
12."Untitled Audio (Nitrous Oxide Remix)"Mike Koglin & P.O.S.6:02
13."Blue Bird"Sunny Lax8:31
14."Sex On The Beach (Depths Of My Thoughts Sunset Dub)"8 Wonders4:13
15."Nova (Daniel vs. Kris O'Neil Remix)"Daniel Kandi4:13
16."M.I.R.A."Sunny Lax5:51
17."Reflect"Maor Levi5:36
18."Green Spirit"Koris & DJule5:22
19."G.H.L.H.S (Smith & Pledger Mix)"Vector 136:02
20."Tri-State (Robert Nickson Remix)"Above & Beyond4:11
21."On The Edge"Mark Pledger6:15
22."Morning Drive"Mike Shiver6:01
23."Morning Light"Nitrous Oxide5:32
25."Shift"Mike Koglin & Alex MORPH4:22


Starbright is egestive. YZero is an adequate choice, though S8 & T's decision to make a 'Worldwide Mix' was predictably poor: no difference. Are you surprised? If so, welcome to Anjunabeats, feel free to click around. The same foes for the 'CM' of WOF. Make u Mine is aurian. GS is unspecial, as is GHLHS; Ekon is more I than V; Shift is unremarkable; Destruct is misanthropy. Overall, a worthwhile compilation.