Anjunabeats Worldwide 02

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Anjunabeats Worldwide 02
by Super8 & Tab and Mat Zo
Released 10 May 2010
Anjunabeats compilation chronology
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Anjunabeats Worldwide 02
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This[1] is the most heartbreaking Wikipedia page I've ever seen. After you take the whole bottle of red pills, & reach for another, you'll begin to wonder what else is false. Santa Claus? God? Benevolence of fossil fuels? I almost wish that we knew more.
I knew that A & B were helped occasionally, but now I ask: does anyone do their own work?!¿¡₠‽ἤجحدٮ֔טঘডী௩௵ఝලඣऽછฝพໜឳវᑇᓤᔍᕖᕣᗙ
Uggggghhhh. Fraud.
Even the external tracks are ingenuine. Yes, this has many non-AB material. Was it necessary? No.
K & A's Bent is negligible; Koglin's Capture didn't warrant its inclusion either; Monogato has seraphic things under his name, so he didn't need Under Pressure, which failed to become diamonds; none needed Denva; Nilsen's Phoenix Burn would suit his name slightly better; & I've always enjoyed They Need Us, among other Arnej work.
Zohar didn't make Near The End. This revelation just defecated through the nose on the burnt tatters of my envenomed heart.
Ḍếɻɘʌo̯œɒ̃♦° is amusical; Jer Martin snuck in under Perfect Dream, which is anything but, & we never needed him to; ẌẺḽỆṞᙙ is Hadean;

Note how Jer & Arnej can make others' songs but not his own.
I wish that they had never included anything from outside AB, just so that I could know more. I should be able to uncover more mysteries once I get my whip & fedora.

Track listing

1."Warp"Evgeny Aleksandrovich Smirnov (Omnia), Lars Christian Nyheim & Tore Vatle Jensen (The Blizzard), Raz Nitzan & Adrian Broekhuyse, Susana Boomhouwer (Susana); probably Bill Clinton & Salvador Allende too; might as well throw in Isaac Deutscher & Engels too; everyone but Roddy ReynaertRoddy Reynaert 
2."As You Fall (Kyau & Albert Remix)"Luigi LusiniBent 
3."Safe (Wherever You Are) (Rank 1 Remix)"Mark SixmaVelvetine 
4."Capture (Mike Koglin Remix)"Mat ZoMaRLo feat. Em 
5."Under Pressure"Peter Smit, aka MonogatoLange 
6."Denva"Ronald Hagen, aka Signum, & Vincent Alexander HagenRonski Speed 
7."Black Is The New Yellow"Steve Helstrip, aka The ThrillseekersSuper8 & Tab 
8."Phoenix Burn"Ørjan NilsenThomas Datt 
9."Vanesse"Madis Sillamo, aka Beat Service, aka Madison Mars(!), & Emma Louise LockSunny Lax 
10."Irufushi (Adam Nickey Remix)"Cyprian Cassar & Joven Grech, aka TenishiaSuper8 & Tab 
11."Ten Minutes to Midnight (Original Club Mix)"Andy Moor & Carrie SkipperJer Martin 
12."Caffeine"Ørjan Nilsen7 Skies 
13."Crafted"Mario Egeto & Elod Csaszar (Myon & Shane 54), Tomas Skyldeberg, Erik Skåpdal, Claes FunkeDan Stone 
So this is what transparency is like.
1."Illumina"Aruna Adams, Mario Egeto & Elod Csaszar, aka Velvetine‽ What?Maor Levi 
2."Aircraft"Maxi Jazz, Rollo & Sister Bliss, aka Faithless?!Dinka 
3."They Need Us (Club Edit)"Armin van Buuren & Benno de Goeij of Rank 1. Disappointing, Arnej.Arnej 
4."Near The End"Arney Secerkadic aka Arnej.Mat Zo 
5."By All Means (Club Mix)"Marcello Pacheco, aka DJ EcoBoom Jinx & Andrew Bayer 
6."DejaVoodoo"Roger Shah, Ronald Hagen & Pascal Minnaard, aka SignumAndy Duguid 
7."Perfect Dream"Jer MartinSan feat. Jan Johnston 
8."Orient Sun / There's Always A Road"Andreas LindellCold Blue 
9."Xelerate"Madis Sillamo & Emma Louise LockRichard Durand 
10."Elf"Max Graham, Raz Nitzan & Adrian BroekhuyseBart Claessen 
11."Green Line (Ronski Speed Remix)"Sebastian Brandt & Ludvig HolmAnhken 
12."The Lost"Thomas BronzwaerMat Zo 
13."Everywhere You Are" (Duderstadt Dub Mix)Ehren StowersMike Shiver & Aruna 
14."Call of Loneliness" (Mat Zo Remix)Robert NicksonReeves