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Anjunabeats Worldwide 01
Released 11 April 2011
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Anjunabeats Worldwide 02
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Anjunabeats Worldwide 03
Anjunabeats Worldwide 04
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Arty & Daniel Kandi. How much does that mean?
There is one sampler.

Track listing

Disc one: Mixed by Arty
1."My Enemy (Rank 1 Remix)"Super8 & Tab 
2."Rebound"Arty & Mat Zo 
3."Lifted (Mat Zo Remix)"Tritonal 
4."Sun 2011 (4 Strings Remix)"Slusnik Luna 
5."Downforce (Mike Shiver's Garden State Mix)"Nitrous Oxide 
6."Out Of This World (Mike Koglin Remix)"Sunny Lax & Solex 
8."Drive (Save The Robot Remix)"Kenneth Thomas feat. Roberta Harrison & Steven Taetz 
9."Superman"Mat Zo 
10."Fracture"Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer 
11."Sandstone"Rex Mundi 
12."Electrify (Lange Mix)"Lange & Fabio XB pres. Yves De Lacroix 
13."Let Go (Nic Chagall Remix)"Aruna with Mark Eteson 
14."Synapse Dynamics (Arty Remix)"Mat Zo 
15."The Wall"Arty feat. Tania Zygar 
Total length:Not enough. Full length only!
Disc two: Mixed by Daniel Kandi
1."Alquimia (Andrew Bayer Remix)"Parker & Hanson 
2."Skydive (Willem De Roo Remix)"Aiera 
3."The Gift"Norin & Rad vs. Recurve 
4."Resolution (Daniel Kandi's Solution Mix)"Aalto 
5."Silver Sand (Daniel Kandi Remix)"EDU & Cramp 
6."Sunstar"Mike Koglin 
7."Don't Fix It"Daniel Kandi & Phillip Alpha 
8."Indigo (Chris Melton Remix)"Activa 
9."Follow You (Club Mix)"Nitrous Oxide 
10."Just For You"Daniel Kandi 
11."Serano"Adam Szabo 
13."Soul Searchin'"Daniel Kandi 
14."The Man Who Knew Too Much"Claessen & Martens 


Mat Zo's remix of Lifted is the highest reverence, of music, of Tritonal, of pleasure: it is a sensualist manifesto. Save The Robot's Drive is merely Liran & Linker's ruination of their own original, laudable tune, by supplanting confidence with a barren boil. Sadly, they left in the Weinstein-approved lyrics. Sandstone tastes like it- it's just a list of his B-side intros; Electrify did not; The Wall is selenolatrous avant-hard trance; Skydive is nothing of the kind; The Gift is not what the creator had; "Don't" should have been "Please"; Serano is a lesion on our memory; & Dionysia is Post's worst. This grab bag betrays their incompetence & general apathy to mixing.