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16 July 2012

Mix Act
Energize Nitrous Oxide & Space Rockerz
Nautica Nitrous Oxide & Dan Stone


Veridical title. But when you try to fit something in where it doesn't fit, you strain. They didn't.
Energize is as passable as its spelling suggests. This drawing-board tune is not even sugar to a hearty vegetable feast: at least sugar takes up space. This is just the scent of off-brand, expired, high-fructose, fodi-par[1] indignity. The creativity-starved SR returned to the same note again & again, an ouroboros of boredom that snacks on its own progenitives. Beware: they will try to snare you with their higher-pitched notes, but each strain into the Alps is just a miserable attempt to induce emotion that'll never come. After looking halfway up a picture of Mount Everest, they called it an exceptionally productive day, & kissed their laurels.


DS's final goodbye ended his two-year hiatus & started his permanent one. I see why KP was head of both of these: his touch & his grab improved everything, even slightly. Maybe it was him who forced the bass lower. The whole track is identifiably him. Either way, Nautica repeats the mistakes of Energize. It even has N2O's hallmarks, but without the meat on the skeleton, it can only spook out of horror, rather than love. Although bones have their own taste, Nautica is yet again mere suggestions & echoes of greatness, crying higher & louder, pretending to be glorious, while being lesser than a louse. Just as how a scammer will paint clear varnish over a printed picture to make it look authentically painted, this EP is no more than a smear of makeup on a dried cowpat.