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Founded 2005 (2005)
Founder Above & Beyond & James Grant
Genre Deep house, electronica
Country of origin United Kingdom
Official website

Anjunadeep is a sublabel of Anjunabeats. It was founded in 2005.
James Grant expounded the goal in a 2015 interview with
'We launched Anjunadeep back in 2005, the reason was that there was a whole load of music around that didn’t really fit the brief for Anjunabeats but was still great music that we were really into, so it was an outlet for that.'
Like it's hypernym, Anjunadeep has evolved seraphically: at first, it was a structureless receptacle. Then, the introduction of order brought an identity of deep trance, then deep house & electronica.
At the time of writing, there is no Wikipedia page for Anjunadeep. There is, however, one for Anjunadeep In[1] Ibiza 2010, with a warning label from 2011.
At first, Anjunadeep sleeves had brown backgrounds, & switched those to strictly a remarkable colour: the colour of dull unconsciousness itself. The 2016 revamp changed it to pictures of geological features with green, grey or blue filters, & a right-bottom half-border, complimenting Anjunabeats' top & left border.

Name Act Year
Everything Is OK Jaytech 2008
Temporarity Michael Cassette 2010
Trails We Blaze Jody Wisternoff 2012
Stick By This Dusky 2011
The Vanishing Years Vincenzo 2014
Rise Lane 8 2015
Brainsugar Cubicolor 2016
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