Anjunadeep 01

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Anjunadeep 01
Released 16 February 2009

AD 01 was made before Anjunadeep had fully flourished. After founding in 2005, a slow trickle began in 2007, slightly widening in 2008, & bursting in 2009. Because of that scarcity, much of this is mere frames of templates than real songs.
This is the only AD compilation to feature an AB mix, Synapse Dynamics by Mat Zo. It atmospherically fits.
13 acts (including Michael Cassette & Komytea as one) between 26 mixes brings the act:mix ratio to 1:2; it didn't have to be that way. AD 01 is 12% 16BL, 15% Jaytech, & 23% Matti & Erkka. Nearly a quarter of this is from the two Finns. Later compilations were more decentralised.

Track listing

Disc one
1."Nobody Seems To Care"16 Bit Lolitas8:03
2."Room Service"Interplay7:03
3."Clear Senses"Liluca7:29
5."Life Aquatic"Paul Keeley7:21
7."Warm Up"Joonas Hahmo7:49
8."Deep Orange"PROFF8:25
9."With You"Electrobios & Interplay6:39
10."Breaking Ties (Jaytech & James Grant Remix)"OceanLab7:56
11."Synapse Dynamics"Mat Zo8:13
13."Killer"Sucker DJs8:26
14."Vela (Electrobios & Interplay Remix)"Jaytech7:06
16."Electro House Is Dead"Komytea6:54
17."Murder Weapon"16 Bit Lolitas9:52
18."Professional Killers (Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman Remix)"Komytea7:58
19."Elder"Daniel Portman8:13
21."Glittering Puzzle"PROFF7:24
23."On A Good Day (16 Bit Lolitas Remix)"OceanLab9:53
24."Doormatica"Paul Keeley6:42
25."Summer (Dub Mix, unfortunately)"Michael Cassette7:21
26."Shadows Movement"Michael Cassette7:59