Anjunadeep 02

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Anjunadeep 02
Released 15 February 2010

Anjunadeep 01

Anjunadeep 02

Anjunadeep 03

Here is the sampler.
Including two whole two-trackers (Matrix & Cayzer), AD 02 kept the hatches sealed with Keeley & Cayzer.
There is only one special bonus track: Jaytech & James Grant's remix of Flaming June by BT. Like all the other remixes of FJ, it's a copypaste job. This one is deep trance. At least it has a tuneful climax.

Track listing

Disc one
1."Moth"Jaytech. Oh, & James Grant4:37
2."Reach Your Soul"Hernan Cerbello5:14
3."Lassoo"Jody Wisternoff6:23
4."Sunday"Oliver Smith4:04
5."Disco Belle (Dub Mix)"Paul Keeley6:21
6."Rotation"Jamie Matrix4:49
8."Kilimanjaro"Michael Cassette5:12
9."Singularity"16 Bit Lolitas5:34
10."Elder (Peter Horrevorts Remix)"Daniel Portman5:22
11."Re-Murdered"16 Bit Lolitas6:18
12."Flaming June (Jaytech & James Grant Remix)"BT7:03
13."Hola"Monakhov & Que6:33
14."Red (Redder Mix)"Solarity4:54
15."Cold Energy"16 Bit Lolitas5:19
16."Cloud 9"Paul Keeley7:14
17."QED"Dave Horne5:59
18."By All Means"Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer5:58
19."London"Marcus Schossow5:35
20."In The Jungle"Jaytech5:43
21."Gold Rush"Jamie Matrix5:27
22."Fellowcraft"Roddy Reynaert6:26
23."Alien & Butterfly"Sergey Tkachev4:27
24."To The Six (Martin Roth Remix)"Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer5:11
25."Shine (Andrew Bennett & Rico Soarez Remix)"Hydroform4:58
26."Cubic"Tom Fall6:17