Jaytech's Anjunadeep 02 Sampler

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16 February 2010

Mix Act
Q.E.D. (Original Mix) Dave Horne
Shine (Andrew Bennett & Rico Suarez Mix) Hydroform
Cubic (Original Mix) Tom Fall
In Our Dreams (Original Mix) Dave Horne

It's all his, though.

Q.E.D. (Original Mix)

Short for quantum electrodynamics? No, but just as ultrahuman. The main tune is more inoffensive than stunning, but everything is righted when the deus ex diamonds light up: Q.E.D. is carried entirely by a numinal acclivity.

In Our Dreams (Original Mix)

From their theta waves to ours, IOD is the lunisolar intemerateness of early AD versified. 20 000 oneironautical miles under the sea, there's life here. Excluded from the unmixed version, you won't half-remember this.

Cubic (Original Mix)

Quartic, quintic, hexic, & septic this may be, but that last one is contronymic. Falling short of octic, Cubic aurously iterates, making a long trek out of a four second hibiscus, crossed with a tulip of fugality. From the crashing waves to the rolling fields of waves, Tom Fall's 2010 is a drastic world-split from his 2015.

Shine (Andrew Bennett & Rico Suarez Mix)

The OM is more difficult to find than decacorns' teeth. The Bennett & Suave[1] reshape is a dull, cephalalgic inanition, an unwanted neurostomy; except for a brief window where we get a ᐛᒺᓎᔔᔍᕞᗥᘟᙫᙴ out of ᐛᒺᓎᔔᔍᕞᗥᘟᙫᙴ tune tipped in ink. To conclude, a nonic EP.

  1. 1990s