Anjunadeep 03 Sampler 1

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22 February 2011

Mix Act
Devotion (Original Mix) Maor Levi
Big Fat Kiss (Original Mix) Sunny Lax
All Those Loose Things (Original Mix) Kobana & Yane3dots
Brotherhood (Original Mix) Roddy Reynaert & Man Of Goodwill

Devotion (Original Mix)

The last time he deeped, he used a sound typical of all his work from 2003-2008. This time, he's unrecognisable. Different parts sound like foreign genres mashed together, the right way to do it; the swilling fields electroswitching & rambling stolidly. Skip to the next song at 4:32, because the rest is demotion. For love, charity, & passion, stick to the start.
Here, the title is accurate. Maor dove in through the charybdic tethysful, a pained & strained synth later joined by a rising acoustic energy, a radiant, pounding match.

Big Fat Kiss (Original Mix)

Levente often made compilation-specific songs. They're like his regular songs, except samplerised. For example, BFK rips into a liberating, librating undulating that will always sound new. It pendulates all the way into silence, tendrilling back up, up & into brash passion. This is no M.I.R.A., but AD 03 is better with this rocker anyway.

All Those Loose Things (Original Mix)

This is far sweeter than these usually are. K & Y outfunked funk with their multifaceted rhythms, beats & waves, such as the wakeful piano, mildly intrepid bass, & final, hedonic synth throwing flames on the fire. Another passing grade song.

Brotherhood (Original Mix)

Neatly wrapping up the decline, The Unspellable & an unnamed person continued Rod's Freemason talk for his last huzzah, a mild mustard with all the spice drained from it by time. Toothpaste is sharper than this.