Anjunadeep 03 Sampler 2

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8 March 2011

Mix Act
Belong (Sasha Involver Remix [Prankster Edit]) Spooky
By All Means (Solarity Mix) Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer
Weekend Rubdown (Jaytech & James Grant Respray) Da Funk
Regatta (Original Mix) Michael Cassette

Belong (Sasha Involver Remix [Prankster Edit])

Soundprank's remix of a remix is what you would get if you mashed up three songs that sound the same. It has his iconic squeezed synth, & lacks the songness that the OM probably lacked too. This drugged Bayeresque doesn't belong on AD.

By All Means (Solarity Mix)

This is actually a remix of So It Goes. Dusky made this alongside their album, & it sounds like this took all their time: this remix has all of the heteroclite phantasmagoria that their other work lacked. From the swoop from plain intro beats to gliding synths, all leading perilously into a drop harder than Chicxulub. This more hodiern deep house is based off the deep trouse of SIG, & took it to glaciogenic plangency.

Weekend Rubdown (Jaytech & James Grant Respray)

It starts at 3:19. The bass erodes away, Cayzer's hard funk pairing irradiantly with Jaytech's iridescent cymbals, & JC's piquant synth blasts. This is a skyful of alation & elation.

Regatta (Original Mix)

More exciting than any boat race, Regatta is a pavonian theurgy, & unlike A. Bond, this is no scam. Through cool dark sandworm tunnels, we find perplexed, fluctuating vacillations, a barely perceivable hint to the upcoming pathopoiea. We fall into a light-vanishing funk, an ianthine current of dark-filled amrita.
All heaven breaks loose when the light bells ring. Rating systems fail, for music & sunquakes alike. The climax is a Venuslike onomatomania of ‘love’, perpetual heptanitrocubane, stellarly pealing away the net of reality. MC outshone themselves here.