Anjunadeep 04 Sampler (Jaytech)

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The second 'h' is pronounced as a cough sound.


27 February 2012

Mix Act
There's Always[1] A Way Out Sunny Lax under his real name for some reason[2]
Woosh Kobana & Yane3dots
Manor Joonas Hahmo[3]
Forma Perpetua Vadim Soloviev[4]

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There's Always A Way Out

Using his real name for the first & last time, this knight supplied us with a substandard blackout of a funk, & a standard tombshroom oddity. TAAWO is eerie enough for a casual listen, from the tripartite mech riff to the 3:08-4:10 dwalestrom to the cortex. That soft pondrain pondering is a blackfrost hotel, & we paid for an hour. Winning at monopoly, he lost at musikology, the iteration dragging him into boredom, the airstrikes not aiding.
There was no way out of this.


There are songs that you will never remember the names of, nor who made them. But they often have small riffs that you will never forget. Woosh is one of them. Beginning with a lighthearted dallying, 2:32-3:02 plunges & expunges us into hardline petardline forebodement that's quite mature for them. The rest of it is the usual cthonophagic feast. But this dirt is toxic- they have nothing to offer but their own thalidomide-stained blood, sweat, & fears. None of this matters, though, since you'll buy AD 04 anyway, as you should. See also 4:38-5:08.


The most manorial song is Latin for 'I diffuse', a truthful title. His first song in three years & last entry ever was the ƕghest way he could have ended, after his lustrious career started with Alt+F4. Hahmo's perlustrious character shone strong & firely through his final shapesmith success, the figured bass proclaiming, his name is now 'Hahmolta'.
The first clue of greatness is in the instant style: we had countless retro styles on AB, & this is the only case of this one: the electrodisco gravitopsychogenic. The mechanical whirr strikes & draws back in a gamic magic. His hallusinful ways begin at 0:53 with a slight touch, then a whole foot[5] submerges at 1:32. The tune takes its final shape[6] at 2:32, & it is beyond light. No pharmacopoeia is large enough to make this. The character of this shape is too unworldly to be figured by such an earthly experience. Beginning in a dark well, Manor descends fleshily into hard abysses. 3:03 is the unexpectology we never saw coming: a rebound to the sinking, this turnaround instead fears the airless heights. Defying the notes above, section B turns the tables on psychotropics with a harm-free first step into contrarianica.
The bumping, two-way rollicking climaximum deserves a new legend. Section B even returns. Long & reverse thundering, Manor sits atop AD 04.

Forma Perpetua


Yes, that means 'perpetual form'. & it should be that too, since his first & last OM on AB was his most hyperpetual.[7] First JH, now VS? 2012 was a huge turning point, after all. The last of the old trance guard had to go to make way for the deep house thusiasts. But Soloviev is timeless: the rounded thuds & mechgrind smoothness are as perpetro as they were then. So the violins are a real treat.
They always are. Here, they repeat & retreat, treating us to a neverending energy, replenished by Melpomene's sippy bird, his permotion spinning the most deploring dorveille.
That's an anagram of 'devil-lore' for a reason. The violyns are introduced by an ultraglacial hex of a half-minute, sounding a bell for the funeral of the Styx. Bursting open with sentimental centimetal, the light metal gives way to a swell of bloodwater rising to drown us in this cave of sunder. & when the metal reheats, the violins dwirl up to paint the sky mind-gold. Sayonara, Vadim.
By the way, 'Hahmo' is Finnish for shape, figure, & character.