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12 July 2010

Mix Act
Anphonic (Original Mix) Above & Beyond & Kyau & Albert
Anphonic (Arty Remix) Above & Beyond & Kyau & Albert

This time, the albumless instrumental is a collaboration.

Anphonic (Original Mix)

That word does not exist. They could have confused it with aphonic (of, relating to, or exhibiting aphonia; unable to speak), or anaphonic (an anaphone is a particular sign as represented in music; a sound or melody that represents something, such as motion or romance). Whichever one, it's a beautiful starcrossing.
The first fork in this road to Nanga Parbat is the proudly "familiar" toxic viscidity that makes up the hard rock-style pointlessness & incogitant, anarthric repeat, repeat, drop that we just heard in N2O's Endorphine. This is everything other than the only thing that comes to me when I think of Anphonic: the Kyonic acoustical reverbing that finishes the x-x-x-y with enough herile disjection to be a new tune, & not some infuriatingly similar ripoff. Scattered chromophony refracts jumpily in this elegant Vol 8 standout. Classic K & A is welcome, & happened even more in 2016.

Anphonic (Arty Remix)

Tunal irrelevancy is off the charts in this Andromedan monolith, a theanthroposophy theoreticians did not prepare for. This strangely unified redwater rapid overfills the demersal zone. Stolyarov's premundane mind-fracturer fractals away in ways unconsidered by others: smooth, gentle yet firm progressive trance makes this a unique reassemblage of astrifery, making me reconsider what can be done with music. Did he stumble upon this, or begin with this in mind? Consider: the best dialogue dose not evoke screenwriters, but feels so natural that you forget that it's acting. Bad writers accidentally call attention to themselves. & that is the lesson here today: good art hides its poiesis.