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6 February 2012

Mix Act
Apricots Solarity
Stellwagen Solarity
Microtones[1] Solarity


Ushering in deep house of 2015, they ushered in the trepidity of 2017 as well with this by-the-unlucky-numbers, painstream goreture barricading the soul from any new blood. This crusty bandaid worsened Alcoholarity.


German for 'put-vehicle', the made-up word is more interesting than the song, as usual. Perhaps they were paid for this ad.


No, not 'microtomes', though it feels like that to the head. This cup of yellow fever is an anagram of 'emotronics', though, so sly messaging there; I didn't get it. As for the Gacyist peccancy, I heard that right. They left soon after, so it was a happy new year for 2012.

  1. Pt 1