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20 June 2011

Mix Act Duration
Arabesque (Original Mix) Parker & Hanson 7:29
Arabesque (Casey Keyworth Remix) Parker & Hanson 9:10
Arabesque (Casey Keyworth Remix) {Above & Beyond Club Edit} Parker & Hanson 7:59

Arabesque (Original Mix)

This was the second of their revered tetralogy. They upgraded from sly, diluted mystery tune to full piano & Apollo backing, the works. The piano is a light dash, but this mirror hall dewdrop is reverse anthrax: a little goes a long way. But the meat is the supercell synth, which at first is tarabesque enough, but goes Neptunian in the second half, which every song should do. This is the most godlike that pure desperation will get.

Arabesque (Casey Keyworth Remix)

Notice how P & H's remixers are always chosen for a reason? Andrew Bayer, Keyworth, A & B, Heatbeat, Soundprank, Jason Ross, & 16 Bit Lolitas: significant names, chosen to induct Ross; one of A & B's rare remixes (on AB no less); Bayer & Keyworth were closer friends too, following in order. This occasion is his usual unmistakeable diatribe: nine minutes is a good length, but only if we journey into bliss, not venomrainscapes. Nearly four minutes pass without a tune nearing. One minute & a half passes, raising hopes, then it goes back to die in Antarctica. In the gap, 3:49-5:13, BRKFST, formerly known as Keyworth, Casey Keyworth, & Breakfast, added a riff that adds nothing untold by the OM. Ultimately, he should have gone into making McBreakfast instead of this McMusic.
The preinstalled information in my file of this remix assures me that the composer is truly 'John Klemmer'. This would fit their MO; after all, Gravity is sampled, a very unAB move. But I just listened to 'Arabesque' by JK & it's entirely dissimilar.

Arabesque (Casey Keyworth Remix) {Above & Beyond Club Edit}

One of A & B's rare remixes (of a less famous act) turned out to be nothing more than an edit. A one-minute edit. Beyond mimetic, pathetic, & emetic.