Are You Fine?

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10 November 2006

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Are You Fine? (Original Mix) Kyau & Albert 138 D# minor 7:18
Are You Fine? (Vardran Remix) Kyau & Albert 138 D# minor 8:00
Are You Fine? (Markus Schulz Remix) Kyau & Albert 135 D# minor 8:31

Kyau & Albert's fourth Anjuna release is some remixing of a single from their second album Worldvibe, released on their label Euphonic.

Are You Fine?[1] (Original Mix)

Bragging that 'The track is already massive for both Armin Van Buuren & Paul Van Dyk', it is unclear why remixing was devoted to this, instead of something worthy, such as Kiksu. This droll meander is not worth anyone's time.

Are You Fine? (Vardran Remix)

Vardran, an ever-helpful soul, stepped in to craft a worthless piece of fish excreta.

Are You Fine? (Markus Schulz Remix)

I can't believe the worthlessness of this. The last two minutes & 16 seconds are nothing but the same awful trash second on repeat. Except for the very final 46 seconds are silence. That is not a joke.