Aria Epica

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22 January 2007

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Aria Epica (Original Mix) The Signalrunners 132 G minor 10:19
Aria Epica (Full-On Mix) The Signalrunners 135 G minor 7:17
Aria Epica (Bart Claessen Remix) The Signalrunners 137 A# major 8:27

Andrew Bayer's debut accurately represents his infinite daedal.
This seems to be the creation of his Scottish confederate, Alan Nimmo, due to the mild dolour & human feel.

Aria Epica (Original Mix)

Aria Epica, which is Italian[1] for 'epic air', colossal beauty is acoustical in focus, & memorably melancholy. This is a perfect choice for Volume 4.
This is rather chilled out.

Aria Epica (Full-On Mix)

As opposed to this conversion to a different subgenre of trance: 'full-on', an Israel-born category also known as 'melodic psytrance'. Simply, this is a more energetic version of the OM.

Aria Epica (Bart Claessen Remix)

This is a waste of time. Another energetic conversion is superflux.