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4 July 2011

Mix Act
Around The World (Original Mix) Arty
Around The World (Two Pearls Rock & Sven Kirchhof Remix) Arty

Around The World (Original Mix)

Stolyarov's annus mirabilis had a few of these plastic zirconias. Kate, Open Space, & this appear superterrene, but their true worth, with careful examination, is nothing. The physical, raw, voltaic charge of each of these songs distracts from the void where the tune should go. ATW from second one is a caressing ravage. The refined technical skill is uninhibited, every piece sparking then burning tarantism up & down to beneath the ground. I could give you the whole epic tale, from the beginning slip into the submersal, to the piano renaissance & his usual mechanical siren, to the final smooth grinding. But that be like making Deathly Hallows about Potter's studying for accountancy, because stripped of the bouncy bombast, there's not even air.

Around The World (Two Pearls Rock & Sven Kirchhof Remix)

There are a few remixes,[1] & this is the only one I can bear to speak of. This trio overlayed a synth that did a little to soothe the sea jelly, but either way, that's the least interesting part. The spectacle here is the convoluting, glottal bassline. Nonetheless, you have better things to do, in your free time & otherwise.

  1. such as Tocadisco, Topher Jones, & Tonka. They all sound the same.