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Aruna Beth Abrams[1] is one of the few vocalists who sound unique & instantly identifiable.
She made a multi-platinum Hannah Montana[2] song. She made a country album, & is married to probably Myon, which I mention because it reminds me of Super8 & Alyna.


As her appearance on Matt Lange's podcast Tap Tempo reveals, she is into the magical alternative natural energy ḡấṟḃạḠể named 'reiki', an orientalist pseudomedicine. & she adds cats to it.

Designation EP Year Collaborator
ANJ151 Everywhere You Are 2010 Mike Shiver
ANJ156 Safe (Wherever You Are) 2010 Myon & Shane 54
ANJ184 Let Go 2010 Mark Eteson
ANJ253 The Great Divide 2012 Myon & Shane 54