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26 March 2012

Mix Act
Atlantic Jaytech
Synergy Jaytech


Cayzer's swanfish songs to the sublabel that he ruled & released his first album on preceded both singles of Multiverse, & fitting a sendoff snugly. Atlantic closes AD 04, the name spruiks the watery essence of AD. It's an eridanic note to leave on, since it appears to mainly shoot relaxed, laid-back casualness tropicality on a smooth pina colada playfulness. But what holds up the sky is the underwrying caligine, at first flowing with the Oueme, but finding the tongue of the ocean[1] soon enough, when it rises up with an opposing, lightless anger. Still too meager to bombast, but a pleasantly chilled amalgam anyway.


Also in AD 04, this antireductionist masterwork is a future funk farrago of fluent fruiting, freshly bursting upon each bounce from the very first fraction of a moment. The overenergetic bounciness is one phenomenon in this alterative Homeric, shifting to shunting waves & dark gusts setting the way for the Mayanesque opulence of the somnolist sweeps, extravagant & nubivagant with every swoop, so exorbitant it's orbiting, & somehow improves with the piano lolling, marauding throughout the thick, watery sky. The climax creeps up & surges out, finding transcencence in the spaced-out keys.