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4 June 2012

Mix Act
Aura Genix[1]
Nytra Genix


The first OM Houchen didn't have Koglin to fall back on was his worst (AB) until 2015. But at least Quake can be talked about. Every touch & feature screams that it means 'aura' as in 'telltale sensation experienced by some people with epilepsy before a seizure'. Aside from the two-note, two-bit, too shameful Tora prison that is the base 'tune', some piano keys rise from the grave to not help. The electrotrash is simmering, though, but it's not enough to make Aura acceptable for release.


Damion Houchen, aka GNX, held the world record for the longest DJ set, in 2005, with 84 hours. For charity. He could have just played this song, though.Nytra is not a real word, but it is a real megalith. 2:40 sets the curtains alight just the right way to burn the city down. DM's nytrous oxide is too dangerous for cars: this climax is elementary yet elemental, Damion's grip on surreality proving to be strong. Even though it isn't the most devastating tune, Nytra does the 'a' honour: the impearled pullback returns the punches, fading away only to uppercut through the heart. His slight deviation is not so slight in achievement. He even adds the extra effort of stripping it down to a minimal electric funk, which returns to aerial chords. More euphoric than whippets.