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20 July 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Aurora (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide 138 F♯ minor 8:04
Aurora (Sunny Lax Remix) Nitrous Oxide 134 B minor 8:06

Aurora (Original Mix)

How many songs are named 'aurora'? There are other sublime sights. Pretkiewicz has one, ilan has one, Marton has one, Marton even remixed one not by him. & Smith & Pledger have one named Northern Lights. That wasn't slipping past me anytime. & neither was this dichroic sui phyla.
Aurora shimmers darkly, a ribbonfish rainbow of celeritous celestial celebration igniting the sky. The trough we enter is ridden for a while this time. Although is may be slightly iterative, there's no dulling this versicolour wave.

Aurora (Sunny Lax Remix)

The australis to the Pole's, the poles are switched for the sole remix, & it's as off as the magnetic pole. The underlying sunlessness still plays in this reciprocation of efforts. After Krzysztof made no effort for Reborn, Levente gave this a conversion from smooth instrument to percussiveness plus a new melody typical of him: a psychedelic idea, though any semblance of tune begins way too late for it to justify. It doesn't add any extra spice, though this did for Volume 7; & is the earliest mix in it.