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17 November 2009

Mix Act BPM Key Duration
Autumn (Original Mix) Mike Koglin & P.O.S. 136 G# minor 7:41
Autumn (Tempo Giusto Remix) Mike Koglin & P.O.S. 136 G# minor 8:16
Autumn (Neptune Project Remix) Mike Koglin & P.O.S. 138 G# minor 8:07

The successor to Untitled Audio, everyone. Remember that? The autumn romance was over anyway.

Autumn (Original Mix)

3:18 to 5:10. Then it's all over. But Autumn makes it all worth it, by showing the best of Paavo & Koglin in the time they gave themselves, in this precursor to Vision.
The aptronymic, almost eponymic piano blends the horror of Torschlusspanik & Tasmanian honey at a puree. The alternating descent of the keys makes Vol 7 sound younger than it is. The pristineness of Antarctic ice sheers; until the rest of Autumn comes, & then it's dull & malfeasant.

Autumn (Tempo Giusto Remix)

Tuomas Lahteenoja heard that & said "I can be briefer." While there is a tuneful climax, it's 30 seconds, & slightly darker, though not enough to justify buying, or releasing it.

Autumn (Neptune Project Remix)

Here it is, the trance mix, the extended mix, what should have been the OM, but they decided that forgettable electrotrash is better. Anyone could have done this. NP ran it through a program; no humanity, no flair, no attempt. Sloths.