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16 January 2012

Mix Act
Avalon Matt Lange
Griffith Park Matt Lange


Avalon is an island, represented as an earthly paradise in the western seas, to which King Arthur and other heroes were carried at death. It is neither deep nor poetic enough for this tune. No words have been said, in any language, adequate to title this.
Stuart outgodded Ur-ness. This black ice age alone is a googolplex9999999 new states of matter. On this dusk, the Sun touches the ground more firmly than I do. The thinnest byssi waft & stroke us in this honey glacier, in uncountable ways. Roaming the abyssal plains, Lange braved the mental rasure with his own, wheeling into ancient Dysnomia a minute in. The pumpteen moving parts concur, concurrents the most foreglowing yuán fèn [1], from the Pannotian wisp rings gunstarting us, to the hardline, metal-line, refractory, insurrectionary fuligin. Multitudes join in: a swirling, jagged silk bell peals along, while the centrepiece pops & bursts: a playful, joyful beat was used for a ocean-to-soulrip tune, giving the world a reason. A serpentine blare verifies that his persoanl style has reached peak peak, among other, smaller peaks. Even his guitar awoke, acoustically lengthening telomeres & starting Homo deus.
One listen to Avalon tells you that Langelaan is what inspires a theopneust. His vocalist alone makes that clear: "So long to the ordinary, so wrong, expect to stay the same old ways. Takes a while to grow, takes a while to burst. Have to revel in my ways." This verse is a new trench we never knew of.
Lange's serrate-whirl launches us into a romp of muted, though dark colours. The piano always glitters the ubermindliest halation & alation, capping off already tragic events. The second verse breaks up the dark horse race, clarifying that this is no usualness. Also tragically, this was only a bonus, restricted track on AD 04- the remixes alone could have been AD 04.

Griffith Park

Griffith is from the Welsh Gruffudd, a male given name, borne by ancient kings of Wales. Even that small fact from a boring name is far more intriguing than this subhominisation. Even the stylistically innovative, shocking, & hard transition doesn't stir a blood cell. He wouldn't return until 2013, for worse or better.

  1. (緣分 Chinese, n.): a relationship ordained by fate/destiny