Back In Time / Millennia

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25 January 2011

Mix Act
Back In Time (Original Mix) Mat Zo
Millennia (Original Mix) Mat Zo

Back In Time

Lovecraft & Poe combined are nothing compared to His eighth. From the first second, the chills shock, with the eerie vocal cuts leading the way into a bouncy adumbration. Our pregustation barely prepares us for the slow, quiet fade, a shadow emerging from shadows, into the blackest lygophilia & stygophilia of a yet funky tune, heralded by a slight, electronic warning. This is just the start.
BIT returns to the implex, fun recoil, the tune slowly winding back for another round. But the steepest tragedian spellwork is yet to come. When the soaring synths & ecclesiastical effects return, they march towards the most secular & caustic drop, into a torturous, twisted fantasy backed by high-pitched siren calls. The sweet nightmare all wraps up with an extended call, & the afterplay keeps up the twilight. Not retro, but futuro to this day.


That's how long one tune rotation feels, as it should, because it's another lambent ember in His stocking. Most of the tunespace is used for a detached, Arabic rendering.