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7 December 2010

Mix Act BPM Duration
Back To Mine (Original Mix) Embliss 126 7:15
Back To Mine (Michael Cassette Remix) Embliss 126 7:11

Back To Mine (Original Mix)

Embliss' one outing was their one inning: their horn graces AD 03. BTM is where retro aerophones meet trance, & have a mild time.
At least the name is veriloquent. They do enbliss, with a nigrescent tune sliding beneath the waves, capped off by an aggressively sentimental tuba-type blast. The simplicity of it all is its undoing, which is why you won't remember this. There's even whole sections that I just forgot after I listened to it six times to review this.

Back To Mine (Michael Cassette Remix)

But their talent had to be wasted on this! There's two of them, but it sounds like none: this time, it was Michael ass-it & crass-it, not asset. Mao did more to change poverty than these Finns did to change BTM. Conversions never taste right. They needed to refuse the booze, & get back on real food, because they still had an album ahead of them.